WaspReporter volume 15.4

Special Issue St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17 by people of all backgrounds, especially throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. Learn more about this day in this Special Issue.


Whenever I try talking to my grandma about her past, it is very hard for her. She gets very emotional because talking about it brings back horrifying memories. It is also hard for me to hear, but I am glad that I heard it from her first hand. I am writing this on her ninetieth birthday, a special day for her not just because it’s her birthday, but because of how she got to this happy life she lives today... read more 


When your father’s name is Michael Jackson, people have expectations. The children of celebrities inevitably provoke curiosity, but the Jackson children have been the objects of unparalleled public scrutiny since before they were born. But Prince Michael Jackson does not seem at all concerned about any of them... read more


The US Marines have a particular mystique - often first into a hotspot, and last out - and the training recruits undergo is particularly challenging. This applies to female marines - now for the first time being used in combat roles - as well as their male counterparts. Hannah King witnessed some of them undergoing an intense, 54-hour trial known as the Crucible... read more


A century ago, Frederick Winslow Taylor made the case that companies needed to be pragmatic and methodical in their efforts to boost productivity. By observing employees and whittling down the time involved in each task, he argued, management could ensure that their workers did “crude and elementary” work as efficiently as possible... read more