WaspReporter volume 15.3

Want to be a journalist? Read on...

Young people occasionally ask me how they can get into journalism. No, that's not quite true. What usually happens is that their parents tell me that their children are desperate to get into journalism and ask me how they should go about it...
"Jeremy has worked on his school and university magazines and got a lot of experience." Right ... read more 


‘Disgusting’ app is actually all of us

To open the new social network Rich Kids is to induce a bout of FOMO from which you’ll never wake. The paid Instagram knock-off is an orgy of excess: Dog massages. Lamborghinis. Stacks of gold coins. Private planes. For the low, low price of €1,000 per month, Rich Kids promises the one-percent of the one-percent an exclusive, virtual club ... read more


Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones went from a series of fantasy novels to making its way into the homes of an exponentially growing contingent of fans, who are hungry for more and more. Has George R.R. Martin, author of the original A Game of Thrones, been able to keep up with this insatiable demand? What do we know about him? Find out more in this Web Task.


A worldwide effort to stop the web losing its memory 

Not all human life is yet online, but we’re getting there. The ever-ballooning web, currently estimated at five billion indexed webpages alone, is a vast surf of expression and knowledge, constantly evolving in structure and complexity. Yet it’s all highly ephemeral: the average website lasts only 100 days before being altered or deleted... read more