WaspReporter volume 15.2


Child Brides

One girl under 15 is married every seven seconds, according to new analysis by Save the Children. Their report, entitled ‘Every Last Girl’, ranked 144 countries from the best to the worst in which to be a girl. India has the highest number of child marriages of any country. In this Web Task you are going to find out more about child brides around the world. 


I Am Batman

I’m Bruce Wayne, standing in front of a grand piano. I reach my hand out, press a few keys, and suddenly the floor starts to move. I descend onto a platform, look all around me and begin to feel claustrophobic before the space opens up into the Bat Cave, an enormous(and gorgeous)underground structure. And so I get set up I put on the gloves ... read more


I Tried a Medieval Diet

It can seem sometimes like all diet advice boils down to the same basic ideas. Eat vegetables, healthy proteins, avoid processed snack food and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. This was not, however, the case in medieval times. The Regimen Sanitatis Salernitanum recommended, very specifically, red wine, fresh eggs, figs and grapes... read more



Shakespeare’s life and legacy 

Did you know that some people think England’s beloved Bard never existed? According to one longstanding theory the literary masterpieces attributed to Shakespeare were actually written by Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford. Find out more about this hypothesis and explore other interesting aspects of Shakespeare’s life and legacy in this Web Task.