WaspReporter volume 16.2

Special Issue Guy Fawkes Day

On the 5th of November many Britons set fire to things and let things off. But why? Learn more about Guy Fawkes Day with this special issue.


Feelings of loneliness and exclusion follow me no matter where I go. I know this because I have never lived in any one place for longer than five years. Even in a group, I’m afraid of missing out ... read more 



Canadian Donna Penner was relaxed at the prospect of abdominal surgery - until she woke up just before the surgeon made his first incision. She describes how she survived the excruciating pain of being operated on while awake... read more



To his players, he’s ‘Coach Oss.’ These days, should he be ‘Steve’?... read more





Do democracies promote freedom? Consider the democracy that you live in. According to Prof. Aeon Skoble, it is definitely possible for democracies to promote freedom, but it is not a guarantee. This is due to a few flaws inherent in democratic systems. Do this Web Task if you want to know more.